The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist

A serendipitous moment, considering it being the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day tomorrow, when a page in a book on my desk was open at the Guerrilla Girls poster work;

'The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist:

Working without the pressure of success.
Not having to be in shows with men.
Having an escape from the art world in your 4 free-lance jobs.
Knowing your career might pick up after you're eighty.
Being reassured that whatever kind of art you make it will be labeled feminine.
Not being stuck in a tenured teaching position.
Seeing your ideas live on in the work of others.
Having the opportunity to choose between career and motherhood.
Not having to choke on those big cigars or paint in Italian suits.
Having more time to work when your mate dumps you for someone younger.
Being included in revised versions of art history.
Not having to undergo the embarrassment of being called a genius.
Getting your picture in the art magazines wearing a gorilla suit.

A public service message from GUERRILLA GIRLS conscience of the Art World. 1988'

(Uta Grosenick, (Ed) 2003, Women Artists in the 20th and 21st Century, Taschen, GmbH, p.73)

New Website

I'm constructing a new website, separate from this blog, take a look...

More work will be added soon. Any feedback gratefully received.

Kodachrome Angel

My last roll of developed and telecined kodachrome arrived back last week. The footage is a mixture of short clips from 3 years ago. Here's an angel for valentines day. (this was shot at dusk so I'm assuming this has something to do with the purple tint)


Trees are my new fascination. At the moment whilst they are bare, their skeleton form, scale and presence slighly mesmerising. But not as truly amazing as this work by Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Super 8 processing in the UK

Just found about about these guys in Orpington of all places who process S8 here in the UK.

Also this new site which led me to the above

Scans of Pinhole Super 8

I've scanned and rather crudely stitched together in photoshop a length of super 8 which was exposed in my garden hose pinhole camera. It's difficult to recognise an image here apart from the blow up I've posted which is an imprint of the inside of the hose.