TEA Session

TEA is a weekly video and film seminar series set up by Anna and Linus at University for the Creative Arts in Maidstone. Each week artist filmmakers are invited to show their work and talk about their practice for an hour, after which it's down the pub for a cup of TEA?!

Anna kindly invited me to show some work which I did along with a programme of works that have inspired my practice.

So far; Nicky Hamlyn and Conor Kelly, Neil Henderson, Jonathan Whitehall, Woodrow Kernohan, Gareth Polmeer and Ian Helliwell have presented works. The programme resumes after the Easter break.

My Installations

FLOW - Jan 2009
The Powerhub, Maidstone, Kent

I Surround You

Film Loop

‘I surround you’ is a three projection installation informed by the Martello Towers that line the south coast between Folkestone and Eastbourne. Only 25 out of the 74 built remain. Their form, relationship to each other and spacing along the South Coast suggest symmetry to the relationship between frames and the filmstrip. Each tower is filmed alternately, frame by frame, in a pseudo exchange. Standing like abandoned sentinels, silently communicating with each other. In projection the resultant flickering loops portray a compression of the space between the towers and the impenetrable forts appear to be transparent.

'Film Loop' is a companion work consisting of an overhead projector enlarging a single strip of Super 8mm large enough to engulf the space and assume a loop position. The image is of a frame by frame pan from the roof of Seaford Museum, the 74th Martello Tower. The single frame presenting itself in its contained strip format, lays bear the continuity of the strip and its suggested notion of movement whilst amplifying the contents of its’ contained images.

MINE - September 2008
The Crypt, St. Pancras Church, London


Super 8 Loop installed in the Crypt of St. Pancras Church.

A frame every step up the bell tower of St. Pancras Church pointing towards the lights of the central spiral staircase. A frame every step on the way up and a frame every step on the way down. The film of this journey up and down this hidden tower connecting the ground to the sky was installed as a short loop in a small vault in the crypt.


Fremlin Walk, Maidstone, Kent

The Distance Between Us
One cycle of a super 8 loop of single frames taken down the length
of a cannon 60 - 7mm lens of Springfield Mill Chimney
Also presented at 35mm slides in a custom made lightbox.

A broken down pan (single frame) from within
the middle of Boughton Monchelsea Wood.