Working in Unit B9

Stavros, Seb and myself were in the space yesterday.  See Seb's timelapse.

We're Back - Film Space Architecture

A new project in The Powerhub has started with Lottery funding from Arts Council England, South, FrancisKnight and University for the Creative Arts, Maidstone.

Six artists, Nicky Hamlyn, Conor Kelly, Sebastian Edge, Stavros Gangos, Dominic De Vere and myself will be making new work in response The Powerhub Building and in particular Unit B9 (the soon to be home of a new project space by FrancisKnight - funding pending!).

The final works will be screened over five evenings  and as  part of the event there will be a film night showing work by Guy Sherwin, Ken Jacobs and possibly Richard Serra along with a selection of student filmmakers from UCA Maidstone.

Come back for more details soon.....