So Far/ So Good - Research Conference at the RCA

I'm preparing a paper for the Research Conference at the RCA on Friday and Saturday this week (10/11th January 2014), in a session titled The Role of the Analogue in the Digital Age which will be an interesting discussion to take part in.  It's one I try not to highlight as I think we should get over this discussion of either / or - digital in nature in itself.  However, I'm really happy to test some ideas out here, although could be a risky maneuver, but will obviously be contextualised with my research.

The keynote speaker is Dr. Tereza StehlĂ­ková also presenting is; Alex Jukes, Chunhui Meng (convener) and Dr. Birgitta Hosea, Research Leader, Central Saint Martins.

The premise of the conference is:

So Far / So Good is a two day conference organised by the research community enrolled at the Royal College of Art. The program invites R.C.A. researchers to work with national and international research students to collaboratively present work and discussion within four curated sections of the event. Our theme is inspired by a leap in to the space of research and practice. 

I think it's sold out but the advice is turn up early for chance of a cancellation.  The Friday session is based at the Battersea campus and the Saturday session at Kensington.

Film | Performance | Space

Collective-iz curated a screening and performance programme at Summerhall in Edinburgh back in November, where Rosemary Again and Again was shown.  The programme was based on their event at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury back in February last year and included work by Neil Henderson and Jamie Jenkinson.

Here's a nice write up of the evening by Luke Aspell and a link to more documentation.