One year on

Dear Blog,

It's been a year since my last post and I feel it's time to mention something....

I've started a research degree and this has pre-occupied a lot of my thinking time plus getting used to being in a new mode of 'being' on a day to day basis.

My hosepipe film was published in Sequence Issue 2 and I'm continuing with experiments, finding new and improved pipes to use!

Theoretical preoccupations have been around notions of time and duration and how the filmstrip can communicate this, outside of the cinematic apparatus.

I'm not sure what else to share at the moment, apart from this image, some new ideas i'm playing with. A print of 7 secs of film, a series I'm working on of prints from my super 8 colour reversal film loops of the Martello Towers at Dymchurch. Developed as a black and white negative image. Seven secs of film time frozen in one frame.