Train Film at Assembly: a survey of recent artists' film and video in Britain 2008-2013 at TATE Britain

Photos by John Rogers

I showed a reconfiguration of Train Film (14:11) (orginally filmed in The Powerhub, Maidstone) at Tate Britain on Monday 24th February which was one of three expanded cinema events part of a four month programme of artists' film and video curated by Stuart Comer, formerly Tate, now chief curator Media and Performance, MoMA; George Clark, Tate Modern; and Melissa Blanchflower, Tate Britain; with independent curators Simon Payne and Andrew Vallance. 

The new work incorporated two overhead projectors showing 2 of the original 3 filmstrips and a contact print of the filmstrips on standard 8 projected in between the static original filmstrips.  The image is a frameless pinhole photograph on 2ft lengths of super 8 black and white reversal film of the train speeding through the windows of the The Powerhub.

The programme called Assembly: Near and Further Contact II included work by Nicky Hamlyn, Vicky Smith, Greg Pope and Lee Patterson and Torsten Lauschmann.