The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

The experience of setting up my work for the late shift was interesting for me. No chance to spend hours deliberating over siting the work and arrangement. I showed 'I Surround You' (3 super 8 loops) and 'Film Loop' in the education room on the lower ground floor of the centre, all opaque white glass and electronic screens. While outside in the corridor video works were projected on the floor and the walls. Upstairs in the fantastic cafe, main exhibition area the bands played and poetry and performance were in full swing.

What an amazing space and collection, the most democratically designed gallery, education space and museum I've ever been too. We were completely bowled over by the Giacometti's, Franics Bacons', Picasso and Charles Maussion, who's inspired me to make a film about the centre, so hopefully I'll be going back to make and show more work.

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