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I'm back showing some work for the Late Shift at the SCVA in Norwich on Wednesday 18th November 5pm - 8pm. However, film not arrived back from the lab, should be here 12.30pm on Wednesday, I'll then be jumping on a train with a projector under my arm hot footing it up to Norwich - with any luck!

Liz Ballard the curator always lines up a good programme - see it here

If all goes to plan, this is what the work's about.

Almost, There

Super 8mm, B&W, silent,

This work is a response to a painting by Charles Maussion, titled ‘The Valley of the Lakes No. 1’ which is held in the Sainsbury Centre collection.

As in Maussions’ work this film questions the nature of representation in this case implied through lens based media.

In ‘Almost, There’ we are presented with a number of scenes in which the camera lens is pulsing in and out of focus against the picture plane; almost but not quite presenting an in-focus image of the represented scene beyond the lens.

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