Affirmations of Reality

Why is that we need affirmations of reality? Or is it just me?

I've been trying to take an image of a passing train with a series of pinhole super 8 cameras. In my mind I image a discernible image of a train or at least some kind of recognition of an object in the field of view of the cameras. Until now nothing recognisable. Is it my processing, producing patches of something.

I re-shot last week on b&w super 8 and developed for the first time using b&w reversal chemistry, again the same kind of smudge on the film.

This morning I started to read 'On The Camera Arts and Consecutive Matters', by Hollis Frampton and read;

"The trace made by light on sensitive material is an image. A camera may have been involved, or it may not. The light may or may not have been focused by a lens. The image may very well not look at all tlike a cow, or like Simonetta Vespucci; but because it is a photographic image, it is subject to the same procedures. Most important: it is accessible to our sensibilities on precisely the same basis. (p.7)

Yes, I have been looking at this in entirely the wrong way. So tonight I scanned in a segment of my sample filmstrip and found something.

Affirmation that everything is ok.

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